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A mute is a small accessory that fits over or attaches to the bridge of your violin, viola, cello, or bass.  At some point in your music career, you're going to want to get one of these, so.....Let's talk about mutes!

So a mute essentially dampens your sound.  And naturally, different materials and sizes of mutes will affect your sound one way or another.

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So there you are, in the middle of what should be an effective practice session, when you hear an awful warbling sound coming from your instrument.  You may be inclined to think that it's you, but that's not always the case! 

It could be a wolf tone in your instrument (typically found in cello and bass).  A wolf tone happens when the vibration from the top of the instrument is cancelling out the vibration of the string.

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Do you know the feeling of hitting that brick wall in the practice room? It's entirely possible that your practice room may be made out of literal brick wall, and it may be possible that you've hit those physically. However, the wall I'm talking about isn't an actual wall; it's a mental wall. What happens when you get to that point?

Frustration, that's what happens. If you're ever tried to master a new concept in music, you've definitely been there. The more attempts you make, the harder it seems and success seems to drift farther and farther away. All that's left is more mistakes, confusion, wasted time, and rage. What's the problem?!

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