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Event: Build Your Own Board w/ BOSS

Event: Build Your Own Board w/ BOSS

We have Factory Reps Mike and Jeff from BOSS joining us for this workshop to provide industry insight, and provide you with the tools necessary to build/arrange your pedal board.

Whether you bring your existing board or decide that you want to build a new one, this workshop will get you fixed up by teaching you how to arrange pedals on the board, the sequence in which you should connect them, what accessories are recommended, and how to power them correctly so that everything goes smoothly at your next gig.

There will be giveaways and Tarpley Backstage Pass Members will receive 250 Free Points, just for attending! Attendance is limited, so be sure that you get signed up today!


Tuesday, February 19th @ 5PM - 7PM



Wednesday, February 20th @ 5PM - 7PM

San Angelo

Thursday, February 21 @ 5PM - 7PM


Friday, February 22 @ 5PM - 7PM


- Purchase Four Effects Pedals ($99 and up), Receive a Free RockBoard TRES 3.1 Pedalboard (Sku#RBOB31TRESB)
- Purchase any Effects Pedal, Get a Free RockBoard Cable (Sku#RBOCABPCFSGD)

Disclaimer: This Workshop is sponsored by Boss Corporation, which is a division of Roland Corporation.

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