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Elevate Your Music with Tarpley


Complete the rental contract payments, and the instrument is yours to keep.

Repair & Replace

We cover routine repairs, accidental damage, and provide loss coverage due to fire or theft.

Return Anytime

No long-term commitment, simply return the instrument to any Tarpley location to end your rental.

25-Point Inspections

All instrument rentals are Director-approved, play-tested, and undergo Tarpley's thorough 25-Point Inspection.

Why Participate in School Band or Orchestra?

Why Participate in School Band or Orchestra?

Research has shown that students involved in music programs often:

  • Achieve higher scores on standardized tests and SATs
  • Maintain higher graduation rates
  • Develop stronger math skills
  • Exhibit better social skill development
  • Cultivate skills vital for success in the 21st century workplace

Choose an Instrument

Find the instrument your student is excited about playing and likes the sound of best.

Get Your Instrument

Complete your rental online in a matter of minutes and have it delivered to school for FREE!

Watch Your Student Excel

With an instrument from Tarpley, your student will be making music in no time!

Family-owned and proudly serving Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma for more than 97 years!

100K+ Rented

Join over 100,000 parents who have rented from Tarpley!

300+ Schools

We work directly with Music Directors in over 300+ Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma Schools.

97 Years!

We've been a fixture for music in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma for almost 100 years!

Music Director Approved Instruments & Accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Basics

Is there a minimum rental period?

There is no minimum rental period associated with our rentals, and you can cancel it anytime by returning the instrument to us. You will only be charged for the period starting when you receive the item until it is returned to a Tarpley Music location.

What shipping options are available?

You have several options for receiving your rental with Tarpley Music.

  • Ship to Address: We can ship directly to your home. Orders are processed within 48 hours and typically arrive in 1-5 days after processing, depending on your location.

  • Pick Up at School: The instrument can be delivered directly to the school when our Music Education Specialist visits next.

  • Pick Up at Store: You can also pick up your instrument at your local Tarpley Music. The store will notify you when your instrument is ready for pickup, usually in less than 48 hours.
What if my student no longer wants to play music?

Occasionally, playing music may not be the right fit for every student. While we hope this isn't the case for yours, it's a reality for some students and that's ok.

If your student finds music challenging, it's important to encourage them to persevere. Often, just a bit more practice can make it more enjoyable. They'll likely appreciate your support and persistence in the long run.

However, if despite your encouragement, they remain disinterested, remember that you can return your instrument to Tarpley Music at any time, and the payments will stop.

Can I rent an instrument if I am not a student?

Yes, Tarpley Music is pleased to offer instrument rentals to everyone learning music, whether independently or through a school.

Do you do credit checks for student instrument rentals?

No, we do not do credit checks for student instrument rentals. Our philosophy is simple: if your student is enrolled in a school music program, then you're approved.

Additional Support

Where does Tarpley Music provide rental services?

Tarpley Music provides instruments to over 300 schools all across Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. -- Texas: Texas Panhandle, North Texas, Central Texas, West Texas, Souther Plains, East Texas, Oklahoma Panhandle, West Oklahoma

New Mexico Regions

Northeastern New Mexico, Southeastern New Mexico

Texas Regions

High Plains, West Texas, Northwest Texas, Metroplex, Central Texas, South Texas Border, Upper Rio Grande, Capital, Gulf Coast, Upper East Texas, Southeast Texas

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Let's Make Music Together!

Let's Make Music Together!

Renting an instrument from Tarpley is quick and easy. Our team of experts will happily assist you in selecting the educator-approved instrument and accessories your student needs to succeed in class.

Call/Text us at 817-736-1633 or email us at

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