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Keeping inTune

  • Choose to Teach (March 2024)

    Up next in the Music Achievement Council's "Choose to Teach" series, an inspiring message brought to you by Emma Lang, a Band Director from Tennessee. Video URL: "Somebody told me one time that I needed to make sure that...

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  • More to Start, Fewer to Quick (February 2024)

    This month's MSFQ comes from Yamaha Master Educator and retired director of bands at Hill Country Middle School Cheryl Floyd. RECRUITMENT TIPS If your school doesn't already, consider hosting an Electives Fair — a night where parents and students can...

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  • More to Start, Fewer to Quit (January 2024)

    From Edward F. Protzman, Director of Bands and an assistant professor of music education at Portland State University. RECRUITMENT TIPS The new year rings in the next school year. Be sure to start your recruiting process now. When students move...

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  • What is a Clarinet?

    Understanding the Clarinet: A Comprehensive Guide Introduction The clarinet, a woodwind instrument with a unique and versatile sound, has been a mainstay in music ensembles ranging from classical orchestras to jazz bands. This blog post delves into the history, structure,...

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  • What is the history of the flute?

    The Enchanting Journey of the Flute: A Historical Overview The flute, one of the oldest and most universally recognized musical instruments, has a rich and enchanting history that spans thousands of years and crosses numerous cultures. From its earliest forms...

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  • Common Issues and Repairs Needed for Acoustic Guitars

    Acoustic guitars, with their rich tones and natural resonance, are beloved by musicians worldwide. However, like all musical instruments, they are subject to wear and tear and may require maintenance and repairs. Understanding these common issues is crucial for any...

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