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Mike Burt

Mike Burt

Music Education Speicalist

Why Join the Austin Middle School Band?

Being part of the band at Austin Middle School fosters personal growth and discipline. Regular rehearsals, practice sessions, and performances instill a strong work ethic, time management skills, and a sense of commitment. Students learn the value of dedication, perseverance, and the rewards that come from consistent effort. The band program at Austin Middle School helps students develop important life skills that extend beyond the realm of music and encourages students to strive for excellence in their performances.

You student will be a part of a program that provides numerous performance opportunities. Whether it's concerts, recitals, festivals, or competitions, students have the chance to showcase their musical talents and skills. These performances not only help students grow as musicians but also build confidence, stage presence, and a sense of accomplishment.

In conclusion, joining the band at Austin Middle School within the Amarillo ISD system offers students a compelling opportunity to be part of a thriving music program. From expert faculty and comprehensive curriculum to performance opportunities and personal growth, Austin Middle School's band program provides a supportive and enriching environment where students can develop their musical talents, build lifelong friendships, and lay the groundwork for a successful musical journey.

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