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Our Culture

How We Do & Why We Do It

Tarpley Essentials

The Tarpley Essentials represent our core cultural statement, encompassing 22 fundamental elements vital to our business. These Essentials establish the standards and behaviors that shape the operations of both our company and team.


Practice Blameless Problem Solving

If a problem arises, our first course of action will be to solve the problem. We will not be concerned about who made the mistake. Let us work together to find a solution.

Take Ownership

Follow through with an issue all the way. If it is your direct responsibility, handle it with excellence. If it falls under another department, be sure it has moved to the proper area and follow up until resolution is confirmed.

Be Dependable

We demonstrate our dependability by keeping our word consistently. We respect time commitments to ourselves and others. We complete projects efficiently, accurately, and with excellence.

Strive for Excellence

Do not settle for less than your best. Excellence does not happen by accident. It is a result of high intention, hard-working sincere effort, skillful execution, and developing the mindset to see obstacles as opportunities. Our high standards separate us from our competition.

Pay Attention to Detail

Be attentive and accurate with your work. Attention to detail allows for the prevention of mistakes and minimizes duplicate tasks. Be patient and thoughtful; do it right the first time.

Be Happy and Enjoy

We are extremely blessed to part of something that brings fun, goodness, love, and fulfillment. Be uplifting and encouraging. Look for the positive and meet the world with a smile. Spread the joy of music!

Celebrate Success

Show dedication to our company, our people, our guests and our clients by making a genuine effort of celebrating their success every single time the way you would want them to celebrate your own. Celebrating success breeds more success and reinforces the meaning behind all hard work and team efforts.

Show Respect to All

Treat all people with dignity, courtesy, and kindness. Value our guests', clients', team members', and vendor partners' ideas, differences, and contributions.

Be Truthful

Communicate accurately to the best of your ability. Readily admit when you do not have the answer and collaborate with others to present the best solution to an issue. Always express yourself honestly and seek transparent communication with clients, guests, and team members.

Communicate Expectations Clearly

Define what, why, how, and when. Collaborate and establish a simple, clear, and concise understanding of objectives for a project. When everyone on every level has all the appropriate information then we can all move effectively and make better decisions to achieve success.

Care for Our Community

Being involved in the communities we serve elevates our guests, clients, and team members. We will look for community service opportunities we can support with an emphasis on adding value to music education advancement and maintaining a meaningful connection to our community.

Company Responsibilities

Be Fiscally Responsible

Our company's success is directly tied to optimizing the use of assets, finances, and resources. Our team members actively seek to conserve expenses and maximize available resources. Always keep in mind what is best financially for the company.

Be Confident, Make Decisions

Understand the needs of the situation and be confident to make a decision that is in the best interest of the guests, clients, company and self. Base it on integrity, knowledge of the company principles, and customer expectations.

Be Obsessively Clean

Our guests and clients expect and deserve a clean and organized experience. A clean and organized workspace optimizes our team's efficiency. Be proactive in all necessary cleaning and organizing duties to ensure a welcoming environment for our guests and team members.

Make Wise Choices

Have integrity in the choices you make and the actions you do; those choices reflect on you, family, friends, and the company team. Consider the outcomes of your actions. Ask yourself; considering my past experiences, my current circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what is the wisest thing for me to do?

Employee & Guest Interactions

Instinctively Cooperate

Teamwork is vital to the success of our company. Regardless if it is your primary responsibility, if a fellow team member needs help, we will enthusiastically jump in. All departments and divisions ultimately rely on each other. We do not hesitate to ask others for help.

Communicate Positively

Think before you respond. Consider all sides of an issue and discover the "Why" in the situation. Converse positively, professionally, and respectfully as not to potentially embarrass or ridicule.

Build Relationships

Repeat business is a foundation for success in our industry. Building a meaningful relationship with our guests creates an environment to which they will want to return. Show genuine interest and understanding. Help our guests find the best solution for their needs.

Engage Every Guest and Client, Every Time

Every person walking into our locations needs to be greeted in a positive manner and acknowledged immediately upon entry. Smile. Be friendly and engage in conversation like a respected friend. Phone calls, emails, texts, and online requests need to be handled and acknowledged in the same manner and urgency.

Continually Train

To perform at your best requires constant training. Continually use the available tools and resources to better your product knowledge, sales techniques, and personal relationship skills. Willingly coach and share your skills with other team members. If you are determined to learn, you are unstoppable.

Deliver Customer Service that is Legendary

Take the extra step with our guests and clients. Delivering what is expected is not enough, we want to exceed their expectations every time. Going that extra mile will separate us from other companies. Care for our guests and clients and find the best solution for their needs.

Start with "Yes"

Our desire is to build relationships and deliver unparalleled customer service; we begin with a "Yes, we can" mentality. Our guest's or client's request will be approached with a positive attitude for meeting a need or solving a problem.