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Tarpley Essentials

Our 22 Essentials


Practice Blameless Problem Solving
If a problem arises, our first course of action will be to solve the problem. We will not be concerned about who made the mistake. Let us work together to find a solution.

Take Ownership
Follow through with an issue all the way. If it is your direct responsibility, handle it with excellence. If it falls under another department, be sure it has moved to the proper area and follow up until resolution is confirmed.

Be Dependable
We demonstrate our dependability by keeping our word consistently. We respect time commitments to ourselves and others. We complete projects efficiently, accurately, and with excellence.

Strive for Excellence
Do not settle for less than your best. Excellence does not happen by accident. If is a result of high intention, hard-working sincere effort, skillful execution, and developing the mindset to see obstacles as opportunities. Our high standards separate us from our competition.

Pay Attention to Detail

Be Happy and Enjoy

Celebrate Success

Show Respect to All

Be Truthful

Communicate Expectations Clearly

Care for Our Community


Be Fiscally Responsible
Our company's success is directly tied to optimizing the use of assets, finances, and resources. Our team members actively seek to conserve expenses and maximize available resources. Always keep in mind what is best financially for the company.

Be Confident, Make Decisions

Be Obsessively Clean

Make Wise Choices


Instinctively Cooperate

Communicate Positively

Build Relationships

Engage Every Guest and Client, Every Time

Continually Train

Deliver Customer Service that is Legendary

Start with "Yes"