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Bach Syntehtic Rotor Oil - 1.6 oz. (47 ml)

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by Bach
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The Bach 1886 Rotor Oil is formulated to provide optimal lubrication and smooth operation for the rotors of brass instruments such as trumpets, trombones, and French horns. Its advanced composition ensures consistent and reliable performance, allowing musicians to achieve effortless and responsive valve action.

This rotor oil features a balanced viscosity that strikes the perfect equilibrium between fluidity and thickness. It flows smoothly into the tight spaces between rotor components, creating a protective film that reduces friction and wear. This ensures that the rotors move freely and effortlessly, promoting the instrument's overall playability and enhancing the musician's performance.

Furthermore, the Bach 1886 Rotor Oil is designed to resist oxidation and corrosion, safeguarding the delicate internal components of the instrument against damage. Its long-lasting formula provides extended protection, reducing the need for frequent reapplication and ensuring consistent performance over time.

The Bach 1886 Rotor Oil comes in a convenient and easy-to-use bottle, equipped with a precision dropper or applicator for controlled and mess-free dispensing. The compact size makes it portable, allowing musicians to carry it with them wherever they go, ensuring that their instrument's rotors are always properly lubricated.

Whether you are a professional musician, a music student, or an avid brass instrument enthusiast, the Bach 1886 Rotor Oil is a reliable choice to maintain the optimal performance and longevity of your instrument. With its exceptional lubrication properties and Bach's legacy as inspiration, this rotor oil is a testament to the commitment to excellence in musical craftsmanship.

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Brand: Vincent Bach
  • Package: Bottle
  • Manufacturer Part Number: RO1886SG