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Free Shipping on Orders Over $95

Fender The Trapper Dual Fuzz Pedal

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by Fender
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Fuzz is a cornerstone of contemporary music's sound. From sleek and refined to raspy and rugged, this effect epitomizes the essence of rock and roll. The Trapper® fuses two distinct fuzz tones within one enclosure, complemented by overarching Tone and Contour controls for tailored soundscaping. The milder first voice features an optional high octave, ideal for crafting synth-esque sounds, whereas the edgier second voice is enhanced with a dynamic noise gate.

Conceived by our expert in-house team, the Trapper® Dual Fuzz is a genuine Fender creation from the ground up. Its frame is sculpted from lightweight yet sturdy anodized aluminum, with the Amp Jewel LED adding that signature Fender aesthetic to your pedalboard. The toggled LED-illuminated knobs ensure quick visibility of your settings even on the dimmest stages.