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    Super Drillmasters Marching Band Shoe

    Revolutionary & Totally New!

    The marching shoe that was designed from the ground up by the Blue Devils.

    Features unequalled accelerations, flexibility, comfort, performance, grip/traction, security, and stability. No other marching shoe offers you these proven performance boosters.

    Forefoot Hinge: Another unique innovation facilitates a more pleasing, “Toes-Up” visual-effect. Ordinary band shoes uncomfortably fight the foot’s anatomy. This strategically placed “groove” compliments it for a graceful, “ball of the foot” flex.

    Achilles Tendon/Heel-Lock: Plush-Comfort Ankle Collar derived from high-end sports shoes, the HEEL LOCK and collar absolutely protect, secure and stabilize the foot. Promotes flawless execution of demanding, complex drill.

    Rolled Heel: Patented technology DIRECTS THE FOOT into/through a perfect corps-style, “glide step”. Over and over. Effortlessly. Until it becomes automatic. Perfect.

    Men's Sizing:

    Sizes: 3 to 16
    Half Sizes: 3.5 to 10.5
    Wide Sizes: 11 to 16

    Women's Sizing:

    Sizes: 5 to 18
    Half Sizes: 5.5 to 12.5
    Wide Sizes: 13 to 18

    Size options are in the selection above and are listed as Men's size first, then Women's size.