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Vandoren VK1 Synthetic Clarinet Reed #55

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Vandoren's VK is a synthetic reed whose composite material has been exclusively developed and rigorously tested for 7 years. This material does not replicate the reed's structure, but faithfully reproduces its essential physical characteristics to ensure the same acoustic performance.

🇫🇷 VK reeds are made in France in Bormes les Mimosas

♻️ Vandoren VK Reeds are fully recyclable

🎶 Same Acoustic Behavior as Natural Reeds

Perfectly Safe

The VK reeds meet the requirements of EN-71-3 and EU Directive 2009/48/EC, Annex II – Part III, plus they're hypoallergenic. The VK reed is revolutionary, created with a novel material obtained through a unique process, and patented globally.

Crafted in Bormes-Les-Mimosas, France, Vandoren VK1 Synthetic Clarinet Reeds boast 100% recyclability for an environmentally-friendly reed.

4 Advantages of the Vandoren VK Reed

Stability: The material is moisture resistant, rot-proof, does not warp when dried and is saliva resistant.

Durability: The VK performs considerably longer than cane reeds with a high level of consistency. The VK reed should be stored on a flat surface. We recommend the use of a flat surfaced reed holder (not a standard reed holder).

Ease of Use: The reeds can be used directly out of the packaging, without any preparation. The material is washable and can be disinfected with alcohol or with any food compliant disinfectant.

Consistency: Unparalleled consistency resulting in reliable strength, sound, articulation, projection and high note stability.

6 Strengths Available

There are six Vandoren VK strengths available. All strengths fall between 2.5-3.5 traditional reed strength. The VK strengths correspond to subdivisions by thirds of the usual half strengths. The VK reeds strengths corresponds to sixths of cane reed strength

The VK reed is currently only available for Clarinet.

Anti-Counterfeiting Identification

Vandoren VK reeds are a quality product with a worldwide reputation. Each of the VK reeds are identified using a unique code such as: xxx – xxx