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Free Shipping on Orders Over $95
Free Shipping on Orders Over $95

Tarpley Music's Your Premier Destination for Band & Orchestra Instruments!

When it's time to purchase your initial band and orchestra instrument or elevate to a more advanced model, Tarpley Music is your go-to destination. Our collection of instruments and accessories is competitively priced, aiming to enhance your upcoming performances throughout the marching, concert, and competition seasons.

Band and Orchestra Instruments

Whether you are part of a marching band, a string quartet, or a concert band, Tarpley Music provides the essential instruments required for your subsequent performances. Our partnerships with leading manufacturers empower us to offer the most recent and innovative in woodwinds, brasswinds, orchestral, and percussion instruments.

From instruments designed for beginners to those for professional players with discerning tastes, Tarpley Music is your comprehensive source for Band and Orchestra instruments.

Band and Orchestra Accessories

Maintaining your instrument is paramount to differentiate between good and outstanding performances. Tarpley Music presents an extensive array of band and orchestra maintenance equipment, including comprehensive care kits, rosin, polishes, polishing cloths, and humidifiers, ensuring your instrument remains in optimal condition for every event. Additionally, we offer a broad spectrum of upgrades and accessories, including mouthpieces, ligatures, reeds, bows, and tuners.

Enjoy effortless Shopping for Band and Orchestra Instruments at Tarpley Music!

Whether you’re acquiring something new, upgrading, or sustaining your current band or orchestra instrument, Tarpley Music simplifies the process. If you’re unsure where to start, connect with our informed Tarpley Sales Specialists at 817-736-1633. They’ll guide you in selecting the optimal instruments and accessories tailored for you!

Explore and Experience Musical Excellence

Tarpley Music is more than a provider; we are your musical confidante, enhancing every note and rhythm of your journey. Explore our versatile collections, experience our unwavering support, and let us be the backdrop to your symphony, amplifying your musical stories through each string, wind, and beat.

Visit us and step into a world where every note matters, and every instrument tells a story. Elevate your musical odyssey with Tarpley Music, where excellence and passion harmonize!