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    DW Dog Biscuit w/ L-Arm

    he DW DWSM796 Dog Biscuit Clamp with L-arm holds a tambourine, a cowbell, a woodblock, or another small percussion instrument, effectively integrating it with the rest of your drum set. The L-arm sports a memory lock, making it a breeze to install - it simply locks into place. A quick-release feature makes removing it just as easy. Sweetwater Sales Engineers love helping out drummers by offering problem-solving products like the DW DWSM796 Dog Biscuit Clamp with L-arm. 
    • Holds a tambourine, cowbell, woodblock, or other percussion instrument
    • 3/4" Dog Biscuit Clamp with 1/2" to 9.5mm L-arm
    • Memory lock makes installation secure and effortless
    • Quick-release feature for quick and easy removal