Elixir Acoustic Medium - 11102
Elixir Acoustic Medium - 11102

Elixir Acoustic Medium - 11102


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Elixir® Strings revolutionized guitar strings by finding a way to extend the life of wound stings without compromising tone. Our Anti-Rust plated plain steels complete the long-life set. Now, guitarists can enjoy a lifespan three to five times longer than ordinary guitar strings and lasting tone throughout the entire set. 
  • Nanoweb coating provides an uncoated feel and natural sound
  • Special full-string coating prevents grime from collecting between the coils and deadening your sound
  • Extra-long-life coating lasts far longer than typical coatings
  • 80/20 bronze brings out the full range and brightness of your guitar
  • An ideal string for bringing out the rich character and air of rosewood, ovangkol, and other full-range acoustic guitars